Multi Restaurant Online Ordering System Features For Your Customers

Location-Based Restaurant Search

By entering his/her location on the website/app or allowing the system to access his/her location, the customer can see all the nearby restaurants listed on the website/app.

Online Orders For Takeaway/Home Delivery

Customers can easily place instant/scheduled orders for takeaway or home delivery from any of the nearby food places listed on the multi restaurant app.

Favorite Restaurants

If a customer prefers any restaurant for ordering food, he/she can add it to his/her Restaurant Favourites list for quick access for future orders.

multi restaurant online ordering system features for customers

Multi Restaurant Delivery Software Features For You as a Business Owner

Geolocation Settings For The Restaurants

You can easily add multiple geofences in the admin panel settings based on the locations in which your business offers the services. And while adding a restaurant, you can easily define the service area for that restaurant by selecting a particular geofence.

Featured Restaurants

If you want a particular restaurant to appear at the top of the listed food stores, you can easily do it by marking it as ‘Featured’.

Efficient Management Of Business Tasks Using Web-Admin Panel

On our multi restaurant food ordering & management system, you can efficiently handle all the following tasks in one place -

  • Order Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Stores Management
  • Delivery Agents Management
  • Customer Management
multi restaurant delivery software features for business owner

Multi Restaurant Food Ordering Management System Features For Store Managers

Manage Products

Using the merchant app, a restaurant manager can easily add new products and edit the details of the existing products for his respective restaurant.

If a restaurant is not offering a food item for a particular time period or if there are any seasonal food item offerings, the manager can turn those food items’ availability off for that time.

Turn Restaurant Availability ON/OFF

During off-working hours, a restaurant manager can mark his restaurant as closed to stop receiving the orders in that time interval. And during working hours, he can turn the restaurant availability ON to start receiving the orders again.

Manage Orders

When a customer places a food order from a restaurant, the manager of that restaurant can receive, accept, and efficiently manage that order on the merchant app.

multi restaurant food ordering management system for store managers

A Multi Vendor Food Ordering System For Food Aggregators

Add Restaurants On Commission Basis

You can easily add new restaurant vendors on the multi vendor food delivery app/website and charge them on a commission basis for offering services on your marketplace. You can also specify a different commission percentage value for each vendor.

multi vendor food ordering system