What Is An Online Takeaway Ordering System?

An online ordering system for takeaway is a software solution that allows your customers to place orders for their favorite items online and collect/pickup the ready order from your store/shop. The takeaway system helps your customers save the waiting time in queues at your store, the order preparation time, and the additional packing time. Plus, it allows you to receive extra orders and manage more customers even with less physical space.

Key Features Of Our Takeaway Ordering System

Online Ordering Website and Customer Apps for Takeaway

Ordering via website/app is much more convenient than ordering via traditional phone call method for both you and your customers.

Using Ordefy, receive orders via your own website and branded iOS/Android customer apps.

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Flexible Pickups

With our takeaway system, customers get the flexibility to choose between the ASAP/Instant pickup option and the scheduled pickup option for their online orders.

If the instant pickup option is not feasible for the customer due to his/her busy schedule or if an order is placed during the store’s off-work hours, the system allows him/her to schedule pickup for their order in advance.

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Muti-Store/Multi-Vendor Online Takeaway Software

Do you own a business chain & manage multiple stores? Or are you a business aggregator having many vendors?

Don’t Worry! We got you covered as well.

With Ordefy, you can easily manage takeaway for all of your stores in one place.

And we also offer a merchant app, with which every store manager/vendor can easily manage business operations for his/her respective store.

multi store online takeaway software

Auto Update Customers for ASAP/Instant Order Pickup

On our takeaway management system, you can add the required approximate packaging time (in minutes) in advance for each store. After the packaging time is over, the customer automatically gets notified that his/her order is ready for pickup, and he/she can collect it from the store.

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How Does Online Takeaway Ordering System Work?

Let us understand the workflow of the takeaway ordering software:-

  1. 1. A Customer browses a list of stores and selects his/her favorite store.
  2. 2. He/she then adds items to the cart and places an order for pickup. He/she can go for the ASAP option or can schedule order pickup for later.
  3. 3. The store gets notified about the new order, and the store then accepts the order & starts preparing it. When the order is ready and packed, the customer receives a notification that the order is ready for pickup.
  4. 4. The customer visits the store, makes the payment for the order( if it was a Cash on Delivery order), and picks up the order from the store.
  5. 5. The store manager then marks the order as completed on the online takeaway platform.

A Takeaway Delivery System That Is All About Convenience

Also want to offer the delivery option to your customers along with the pickup/takeaway option?

Ordefy offers you the flexibility of setting the order types for each of your stores.

For any store, you can set the ‘Order Type’ value to Store Pickup, Home Delivery, or Both and receive orders for the selected order type.

manage pickup and delivery orders-ordefy

Our Takeaway System Is Suitable For A Wide Array Of Businesses

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Bakeries
  • Cloud kitchens
  • Fast food joints
  • Business aggregators
  • Home-based food business

Are you looking for a Takeaway POS as well?

Ordefy is here for you with all its features and functionalities!

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