What is an Order Management Software?

An Order Management Software (OMS) is a system that is designed to manage the whole order fulfillment process efficiently. When a customer places an order for something, the order fulfillment process begins, and it ends when the customer receives that order.

Order Management System for every type of Order Processing

Fulfillment through Stores

Fulfillment through

For those who have multiple stores/ warehouses and want to fulfill all the orders themselves.

Fulfillment through Vendors

Fulfillment through

For those who provide a platform to the vendors to let them sell their products online and fulfill the orders.

Store/Vendor Fulfillment Option

Store + Vendors
fulfillment option

For those who have a store/warehouse of their own and let other vendors also sell on the same platform.

Best eCommerce Order Management Software for Both Wholesale and Retail

Because with modern buyers, eCommerce is for everyone

B2C or Retail order management system

B2C or Retail order management system

To keep all your sales managed and hence all your customers happy.

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B2B Order management Software

B2B Order management Software

For easy and efficient bulk order processing, so that you can focus on growing your business. Let our ordering solution handle the difficult & time-consuming tasks for you!

Do you cater to both B2B & B2C customers? Want to manage orders from your B2B and B2C customers in a single place? It is no hassle with our easy-to-use & simple order management software.

  • Set different prices of the same products for B2B and B2C customers.
  • Set a minimum order limit for your B2B or wholesale orders.

Every Process in Order Management Made Simple

Bulk actions

Bulk actions on orders/sales

Doing repetitive tasks is both tedious and time-consuming. So, save time on your orders by availing of this feature.

Simplifying the Packaging

Simplifying the Packaging

Generate all the order details on the invoice & prepare the packaging slips for the orders within minutes.



Let your customers pre-order the upcoming stuff, and increase your chances of making huge sales.

Multi-Channel Commerce

Powering Multi-Channel Commerce

Centralize the orders from different sales channels in one place.

Integrate and maintain multi-location and multi-channel inventory with this best order management system.

Out-of-stock notifications

Out-of-stock notifications

Allow your customers to subscribe to the updates for the temporarily out-of-stock products. And send them early notifications as soon as the product is back in stock and available for purchase.

Track all the deliveries/ shipments

Easily track all the deliveries/ shipments

Tracking your drivers and delivery agents is much easier with our online order management system.

View the delivery task management features

FAQs About Order Management Software

  • What is the estimated cost of the Order Management Software?

    The price of the software varies according to the required features/functionalities. In general, it would cost somewhere between 5K USD - 25K USD.

  • In how much time can I get the custom order management system (OMS) for my business?

    The time frame depends on the complexity of the OMS and your business requirements for the software. To get an estimate for the time frame, you can contact our business team and share your project requirements with us.


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