Powering every business type with Dry Cleaning Software

single laundry shop

Single Laundry Shop

  • Enable your customers to place laundry orders online through the customer app or website.
  • Track and Manage all your dry cleaning & laundry orders through the admin panel.
  • Optimise laundry pickup & delivery service using the delivery app.
multiple laundry shops

Multiple Laundry Shops

  • Receive laundry & dry cleaning orders for all of your shops by opting for the multiple stores’ option. 
  • Manage all your dry cleaning shops, laundry orders, and all your delivery agents from the admin panel.
  • Enable your delivery persons to receive orders from customers & fulfill these orders with the delivery agent app.

laundry aggregator

Dry Cleaning & laundry Aggregator

  • Let each of your laundry service vendors receive orders for their shop.
  • Manage all your vendors’ info from the admin dashboard.
  • Give your vendors the option to have their delivery persons or let them use your delivery service.

Laundry and Dry Cleaners Software Features that help your business grow


Set Locations To Define Your Service Area

Using our laundry management system, you can easily specify the area in which you want to provide your services using Geofencing.

Different Service Categories and Subcategories

Different Service Categories and Subcategories

Add categories for all different types of services that you offer in your laundry business. Also, segregate them further by adding subcategories under these categories.

Product/Item Variants

Product/Item Variants

Add all the different variants for each product/clothing type based on their color, weight, required add-ons, etc.

Manage Pricing

Manage Pricing

If the price of your service varies based on the different item variants like the weight of clothes, or any add-ons ( ex. extra hangers, fabric softener, etc.), you can manage the pricing for these variants from the admin dashboard.

Payments Management

Payments Management

Provide flexibility of payments to your customers with multiple payment methods like card payments, Stripe, cash payment, etc. Also, manage the payment withdrawals from the drivers and the vendors easily with our laundry software.

FAQs About Dry Cleaning and Laundry Management Software

  • What is a laundry management system?

    A laundry management system is a software solution that enables dry cleaners, laundry service providers, and shoe cleaning businesses to manage their day-to-day business operations, receive orders, process pick-ups, handle billing and make deliveries without any hassle.

  • Is there any app for laundry vendors/merchants in Ordefy?

    Yes, we have a merchant app with which the laundry shop manager/vendor can easily manage his shop.

  • How much does it cost to start a dry cleaning business on Ordefy?

    We offer multiple pricing plans for different types of dry cleaning businesses. You can check our pricing page and select the one suitable to your business needs.

  • How do I start laundry work on Ordefy?

    All you have to do is fill up the signup form & you are ready to start.

  • How do I manage my laundry business?

    You can manage all your laundry business operations from the Ordefy admin panel.

  • Can I request a new feature in the laundry software?

    You can share your feature request with our support team. And, if there would be a similar request from the other customers, we may add that feature in the laundry management software. Please note that we don’t guarantee any feature request acceptance, as the feature addition is made keeping in mind all the existing businesses on the platform. You can, however, opt for our custom solution whenever you are ready to scale up :)

  • Does your laundry management system work well for the shoe and sneaker cleaning business?

    Yes, you can easily manage your shoe laundry business with our software.