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What is Quick Commerce – Definition, Examples, Business Model, Benefits

The news of big companies hopping onto the quick commerce bandwagon has created a buzz in the market about this business model. Recently, Zepto promised to deliver the groceries in 10 mins, Grofers rebranded itself as ‘Blinkit’ & adopted the quick commerce model, Swiggy is increasing its delivery persons to offer qcommerce services, Dunzo is delivering the essential stuff in 19 minutes. And Bigbasket has entered the q-commerce model recently with ‘BBNow’.

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Stock Keeping Unit (SKU): Meaning & Usage Guide

What is SKU? – Definition or Meaning

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a product identifier that makes it easier for businesses to maintain the stock levels of the products internally. In other words, SKU is a unique number or code that is assigned to each product type to keep track of the inventory levels.

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