Sell Mobile Phones Online With The Following Resources

Get The Website To Sell Mobile Phones

Ordefy will launch your website with your brand name and logo. Now, your website is one click away to launch. Get your website with the custom designs and theme and build an online presence.

Mobile Phone Ordering App For Your Customers

Now, you can target global customers by running an online mobile phones store. Even your existing customers can get notification about the new products, discounts and offers you will add for them.

Mobile Phone Delivery App For Your Delivery Agents / Partners

A delivery app will notify about the new orders, address and optimal-collision free paths to the agent / partner during the ride. Now you can easily track the location of your delivery agents.

Merchant App For Your Mobile Store Managers & Authorized Partners

Have you authorized the dealers who will do the trade in mobile phones? Or do you want to manage multiple stores at different locations? If yes, then merchants can easily configure and manage the stores, stocks, team members and overall sales revenue.

POS Software Integration With Mobile Phone Sell App

You can easily manage the retail customers, sales, stocks using POS Software. Customers can also purchase the mobile phones by an app and store managers can assist them for the pickup/delivery. Now, the order data will sync between your mobile app, POS software and admin panel.

An Admin Panel For Managing Business Operations

To manage your mobile phone business and its operations like sales, orders, staff members, store managers, delivery agents and stocks etc at only one place, you need a system that is integrated with an ordering / delivery / merchant app and POS. This system is called Admin Panel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Phones Business

  • Where can I sell mobile phones online?

    To do an online business, you need a mobile app and website. You can also launch an online brand store with your name and logo using any ecommerce platform like Ordefy. This will also take only a few minutes for the initial account setup like you will add the payment methods, products, stores, managers, delivery agents and other useful information that is required.

  • Which is the best mobile phone selling app?

    There are a huge list of apps that provide online selling facility to the sellers but from the last couple of years customer purchasing behavior has changed. Before making any single purchase, they verify the credibility, online reputation, feedback of previous customers on the brand app. But an app that is launched with your own brand name and logo always makes an edge over your competitors. So try to get it with your brand name & logo only.

  • Which is the best site to sell mobile phone?

    It’s hard to say about any best site to sell mobile phones but customers are happy if they are purchasing directly from a brand store, within budget and their product is delivered successfully without any breakage. From the last few years, we have seen that customers are purchasing more from the online brand stores instead of multi-brand websites.

  • How much does it cost to start an online mobile phone selling app / website?

    The cost estimation depends upon various factors like features-set, platform / system deliverables (Android / iOS / POS), custom business requirements, etc. You can make the best place to sell mobile phones if you know what customers want today? where your competitors are lacking in business? and what will be the future market?

Start an Online Mobile Phone Selling Business And Choose a Pricing Plan On That!

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